"Love is a gamble..."

"Love is a gamble, always. But waiting won't change the dice. You either roll them, or you lose your turn."  Shirley Bennett

And so our turn approaches!  Perhaps we haven’t exactly crossed off everything on the wedding related to-do list, but the escalating excitement is rendering us somewhat useless.  Let me reassure our guests: we have already addressed the important stuff such as food, drink, shelter, and music. However, everything else is quickly becoming somewhat meaningless. Is strategically placed colored LED lighting even necessary? I think not.   

Sarvan and I have also been distracted by running through our RSVP list; determining things like how long we've gone without seeing certain guests and matching those of you who we know will become fast friends.  We've reminisced about the last time we got to see you. We've laughed about antics that took place at wedding receptions of years gone by. As excited as we are to spend time with each of you, we’re just as excited for you to spend time with each other. Because our family and friends offer an endless supply of affection and warmth, wit, charm, generosity, mild impulse control issues - and to be honest, varying degrees of crazy. And that’s what makes you our favorite people. We think you’ll find more than a few reasons to feel the same of each other.

So, the next time we post will likely be to share wedding photos! To wrap up this stream of pre-ceremony sentiments, I’d like to thank you all for the support and love you so readily share. It means the world to us.

And if you haven’t a clue who Shirley Bennett is, or why I chose this quote, then you fall into the category of our friends and family who need to start watching Community.