Only about a month out...

and Chrissy hasn't left yet, which is a good sign. In fact, she actually seems excited. As most of you know, those paper invitations that were nonexistent back in June have made their way to your respective mailboxes. Over the last month, Chrissy and I have gone through all of the RSVPs from the family and friends that will be joining us on our big day. It's a great group and this should be a lot of fun.

As we get closer, I would strongly suggest booking your hotel room sooner than later as they are filling up quickly. Let us know if any of you have difficulty booking your hotel room. As for us, we have yet to finalize all of the menus (and somehow my parents have already began complaining about them). We plan on having food for everyone at the hotel after the pre-wedding ceremonies on Thursday. As for the wedding day, there will be lunch at the temple immediately after the service and then, obviously, dinner at the reception. And if all goes according to plan, doughnuts and pizza back at the hotel that night. As for our playlist, we've realized that the music we exclude is as important as the music we choose. Sorry to disappoint those of you expecting Cotton Eye Joe. And the Macarena. That being said, I think Chrissy and I (with some help from Paul, Rod, Nathan, Alayne, and to a much lesser extent, Sajit) have come up with a great playlist. Additionally, the DJ has been allowed to take requests, within reason.

In the meantime, Chrissy and I have much yet to do, so we better get back to it. We both know fires will have to be put out the day of. Our goal is to make sure they don't turn into an inferno.