Post-It Notes and Shrimp Tarts

While there remains some level of ambiguity around the exact schedule of events for Thursday the 11th, we do know (because we've been so directed by women with whom you do not argue) that we'll be having Haldi Ceremonies sometime midday. We're making arrangements to have everything take place at the hotel. This way, no matter what time you're able to show up on Thursday, you can just follow the celebratory commotion. 

I'm also told we need to send out actual paper invitations and whatnot. This, of course, presented a whole new host of options and minutia over which to reflect. What I thought would be a daylong project turned into weeks of caressing cotton linen recycled paper blends and gauging the value of indie artist inspired letterpress designs versus just scribbling something on a post-it note so you can slap it on your fridge. 

Rest assured, you'll receive something legible in either scenario.

We have managed to choose a photographer with relative ease. After meeting for drinks that turned into dinner, we were sold on this lovely couple who share our tendency to treat canines like offspring. So, thank you to Matt + Sarah for making something easy on us.

Next up: tasting menu options with the caterer. This is one task Sarvan and I are exceedingly qualified to execute. We look forward to ensuring the wedding night cuisine is superb; and we'll sample as many shrimp tarts as it takes to make that happen!