This is going to be a crazy fun mess.

As it turns out, this wedding planning stuff is no joke. Sarv and I have developed kindred spirit with anyone who naively imagined they could outsmart the wedding industry and just plan something simple and reasonable. And we've formed a deep and abiding respect for anyone who has ever orchestrated a wedding. Because at no point is simple or reasonable an option. There is only that moment when you realize that if a couple hundred people care enough to be with you on such a special day  - you should just go with it and make sure everyone has a great time.

This site is what we have so far. I don't really have it all figured out yet, so feel free to point out anything I may have missed.

Of course, noticeably absent will be our Aggie. Since our venue took shape in Milwaukee, Aggie will have to miss the festivities (she doesn't travel well). Plus, since she may eat any small children mistakenly crossing her path, its probably for the best. So, as we are off getting married, Aggie will stay home guarding the fort with the knowledge that her parents will  no longer be living together out of wedlock.