How is it possible we've been married for 3 months (and have yet to finish writing thank-yous)?

Somehow our wedding (and three extra months!) has come and gone.

Based on a.) the amount of effort it took to plan and b.) the obscene amount of fun we had that weekend, it feels like we should all still be on the dance floor or hanging out at the Hilton.

It went by so fast, I would have but a beautiful blur of memories were it not for the photos captured by our awesome photographers, Matt and Sarah.

We've poured over the pictures a hundred times, and have yet to tire of reliving the moments they capture. A few of our favorites are in the gallery (though it's impossible to narrow down favorites so there will likely be more soon).  

Sarvan and I have so much love and gratitude for everyone who celebrated with us, in person or in thought. We feel incredibly lucky to have been married surrounded by such warmth and generosity. Thank you so very much.