A happy birthday wish -

This site remains active partly due to the automatic renewal on the domain (well done squarespace). Being that is the case, might as well add some content. Actually, I have two exceedingly good reasons to write: a wedding anniversary and Sarvan's birthday! 

Yes, if you can believe it, we celebrated our one year anniversary in September. This was in fact a rather remarkable occasion for reasons unrelated to rising divorce rates. Let me explain -

Having contracted a rare tropical illness on our honeymoon, for a while it seemed I might make a widower out of Sarvan. Thankfully, that threat seems to have passed and we're now grateful to be enjoying less dramatic marital plots, such as dealing with home repairs and planning vacations. Although complete recovery still eludes me, the sobering nature of the situation has rendered a new appreciation for my husband.

[Perhaps someday I'll address the details of my illness in another blog post. Goodness knows I could write volumes on the experience. If you've been in contact with me in the last year, I'll put your mind at ease - it's nothing contagious.]

So, last September, Sarvan and I met at the Gurdwara in Oak Creek to be officially wed. Had it been a traditional western ceremony, Sarvan would have uttered something like "...in sickness and in health" during vows and people would have been able to reference it to highlight the ridiculous timing of my malady. Because from the moment the plane delivered us from our honeymoon and lasting, well - hopefully not much longer, Sarvan's caregiver skills have been tested in one marathon session. I imagine from his perspective it must have seemed that shortly after the paperwork was signed, his bride was switched for someone with the frail constitution and endurance of a geriatric. Certainly not what he signed up for. At least not immediately, right? (everyone would do well here to agree that I am, after all, somewhat youthful and therefore could reasonably expect to enjoy several more self-reliant decades)

Obviously not an ideal way to spend our first year of marriage, and yet with it came the benefit of some pretty important insight:

  • It's possible I'm not the most gracious patient. Some might apply the term occasionally intolerable or moderately hostile, to which I both take offense and reluctantly agree. 
  • While I've always known my husband to be an incredibly thoughtful and patient caretaker, I assumed even he had his limits. Turns out I've yet to find them. So he's either a saint or completely insane. I have my guess. I'll leave you yours.
  • My husband makes good on his promises. In our shared history, he's only ever made three. He's not the type to throw the word around. All three occurred at our wedding reception (my favorite part of his infamous speech). He promised he'd always love me; I'd never be bored; we'd always have fun. Circumstances have not made it easy for him to deliver on these points - and yet, I never doubted he would. 

It is with my newfound wisdom that I look forward to Sarvan's birthday as a well overdue chance to celebrate him and all his wonderfulness. I'm not sure I've ever formally thanked him for the herculean effort he manages in support of me and my recovery. I'll leverage this public platform to say that I am most humbly and with all of my heart thankful for him and the happiness he brings. In spite of my confidence in his promises, I do not take him for granted. I'm incredibly fortunate to be the recipient of his love. A more private venue will be better suited for delivering the remainder of my gratitude.

Today I wish my love the happiest of birthdays. There is to me no one more deserving of celebration.

How is it possible we've been married for 3 months (and have yet to finish writing thank-yous)?

Somehow our wedding (and three extra months!) has come and gone.

Based on a.) the amount of effort it took to plan and b.) the obscene amount of fun we had that weekend, it feels like we should all still be on the dance floor or hanging out at the Hilton.

It went by so fast, I would have but a beautiful blur of memories were it not for the photos captured by our awesome photographers, Matt and Sarah.

We've poured over the pictures a hundred times, and have yet to tire of reliving the moments they capture. A few of our favorites are in the gallery (though it's impossible to narrow down favorites so there will likely be more soon).  

Sarvan and I have so much love and gratitude for everyone who celebrated with us, in person or in thought. We feel incredibly lucky to have been married surrounded by such warmth and generosity. Thank you so very much.

Only about a month out...

and Chrissy hasn't left yet, which is a good sign. In fact, she actually seems excited. As most of you know, those paper invitations that were nonexistent back in June have made their way to your respective mailboxes. Over the last month, Chrissy and I have gone through all of the RSVPs from the family and friends that will be joining us on our big day. It's a great group and this should be a lot of fun.

As we get closer, I would strongly suggest booking your hotel room sooner than later as they are filling up quickly. Let us know if any of you have difficulty booking your hotel room. As for us, we have yet to finalize all of the menus (and somehow my parents have already began complaining about them). We plan on having food for everyone at the hotel after the pre-wedding ceremonies on Thursday. As for the wedding day, there will be lunch at the temple immediately after the service and then, obviously, dinner at the reception. And if all goes according to plan, doughnuts and pizza back at the hotel that night. As for our playlist, we've realized that the music we exclude is as important as the music we choose. Sorry to disappoint those of you expecting Cotton Eye Joe. And the Macarena. That being said, I think Chrissy and I (with some help from Paul, Rod, Nathan, Alayne, and to a much lesser extent, Sajit) have come up with a great playlist. Additionally, the DJ has been allowed to take requests, within reason.

In the meantime, Chrissy and I have much yet to do, so we better get back to it. We both know fires will have to be put out the day of. Our goal is to make sure they don't turn into an inferno.

Post-It Notes and Shrimp Tarts

While there remains some level of ambiguity around the exact schedule of events for Thursday the 11th, we do know (because we've been so directed by women with whom you do not argue) that we'll be having Haldi Ceremonies sometime midday. We're making arrangements to have everything take place at the hotel. This way, no matter what time you're able to show up on Thursday, you can just follow the celebratory commotion. 

I'm also told we need to send out actual paper invitations and whatnot. This, of course, presented a whole new host of options and minutia over which to reflect. What I thought would be a daylong project turned into weeks of caressing cotton linen recycled paper blends and gauging the value of indie artist inspired letterpress designs versus just scribbling something on a post-it note so you can slap it on your fridge. 

Rest assured, you'll receive something legible in either scenario.

We have managed to choose a photographer with relative ease. After meeting for drinks that turned into dinner, we were sold on this lovely couple who share our tendency to treat canines like offspring. So, thank you to Matt + Sarah for making something easy on us.

Next up: tasting menu options with the caterer. This is one task Sarvan and I are exceedingly qualified to execute. We look forward to ensuring the wedding night cuisine is superb; and we'll sample as many shrimp tarts as it takes to make that happen!